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Worldwide urgent IT parts & equipment supply

Get the parts, upgrades and complete systems you need from leading vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, Bull, Cisco and over 100 others. Equipment can usually be located anywhere in the world, no matter how old or obscure.

Search our database from over 4 million parts and get availability from our stock and from our network of over  2,000 other suppliers.


For complete servers, networking, storage or other configurations enter your requirements on our enquiry form.


Save at least 30 % on server maintenance contracts for IBM,Sun, EMC, Dell, HP, Bull and other servers including storage and networking. We can provide extended end-of-life support available for most hardware.

Powersearchireland maintenance benefits include:

  • multi-vendor support ( We are supplier  independent )
  • cost savings due to wide supplier channels
  • personal service ( we  are  still small and flexible )
  • flexible contracts
  • 24x7 coverage
  • on-site spares kits
  • post-warranty support
  • end of life break-fix cover.

IT cost savings

IT departments are always under pressure to get more value from their budgets while having to maintain a wide range of hardware and software, typically acquired over many years.

How can you keep old systems going? How can you ensure that you are getting good value? Powersearchireland can help with a range of cost-saving services:

  • hardware maintenance
  • server virtualization
  • parts for your systems - no matter how old
  • remote UNIX and Windows server administration
  • budget disaster recovery, connectivity, telephony, remote backup, software licensing, remote monitoring and more.

Contact us to discuss more cost-effective ways of delvering the services that your organisation relies on.

Server virtualisation

IT departments are always need to maintain hardware and  software   that  may  be  within the  organization for  several decades . They  are  under immense  pressure to  get  value  and to  find the best suppliers that are  reliable and  consistent

Powersearchireland  can you keep old systems going  and  provide good  value  and at  least  25-30% value over and above the usual OEM maintenance  contracts 

Daily communicatiuon with distributors, manufacturers, recyclers, auction houses and others allow us to  know  who  has the  inventory  you need.

Our services include:

  • Providing  parts for your IT  equipment  no  matter  if  legacy  or  just a  few  years old
  • Server virtualization  when necessary
  • parts for your systems - no matter how old
  • Back up on site or remote monitoring of either Windows or Unix server administration
  • Disaster recovery at competitive fees
  • Software licensing,
  • Telephony upgrades and spares.

Contact us to determine  if we can deliver better and  more  productive services that you rely  on 

Server, storage & networking maintenance — extended beyond manufacturer end-of-life

  • EMC maintenance

Receive up to 20-35% discounts on EMC storage maintenance. Powersearchireland is one of the few companies specialising in EMC maintenance and is a competitive provider of third-party support and hardware maintenance for EMC CLARiiON and EMC Connectrix storage equipment.

Imacs – Powersearchireland  focus in Storage and SAN infrastructures and provides  unsurpassed support services. We are committed to helping you quickly diagnose hardware issues and develop clearly articulated action plans to correct them. Your storage side and company can be confident that we  will help you achieve your storage support goals with a clear and straight-forward approach.

Powersearchireland 's key to success is fast response and fast fix times. To discuss your EMC maintenance requirements call us on +353 66 97627 02 . We support all   EMC hardware including: Clariion CX, Centera and Celerra. You can extend support well beyond EMC end-of-life.

  • IBM maintenance

Powersearchireland support IBM Windows and IBM UNIX servers. We  are aware  of the large IT investments you  have made and we can offer and  extended end-of-life IBM server and storage maintenance contracts for as long as you need them.

Imacs – Powersearchireland offers support of the IBM POWER6 i6 and p6 systems including the older iSeries AS/400 and pSeries RS/6000 systems. You can have  total confidence in our maintenance service.

Call us on +353 66 97627 02 for more information on IBM maintenance. Key IBM hardware maintenance products supported include: Series p AIX and Series x Windows servers.

  • Sun maintenance

Powersearchireland's commitment to our customers is low cost, high quality Sun maintenance at substantial discounts. Powersearchireland has been providing Sun server maintenance and Sun storage maintenance services to International companies for many years. We support all Key Sun hardware including including: Ultra, Enterprise, M and T series, Sun Fire, CoolThreads, x64 servers, Netra  and Sun StorageTek Disk & Tape Systems

  • HP maintenance

We typically offer  savings of 30-40% on HP server maintenance and HP storage maintenance well beyond HP end-of-life. Powersearchireland achieves this because we have a large range of  engineering skills, low cost administration and readily accessible spares. We  provide maintenance and software support and can offer upgrades with  spares and parts for HP9000, Proliant, Integrity, StorageWorks, EVA along with DEC AlphaServer, Alpha, Integrity & Proliant BL Blades     

  • Dell maintenance

Powersearchireland offers nationwide Dell server maintenance and Dell storage maintenance from our regional service departments centres. For savings on Dell maintenance call us on +353 66 97627 02  -  Key Dell hardware maintenance products supported include: All PowerEdge servers, Equallogic and PowerVault. We offer maintenance contracts beyond Dell end-of-life for as long as necessary  by  you  our  customer.

  • Bull maintenance

Powersearchireland can offer Bull server maintenance and Bull storage maintenance solutions. We offer  savings and support for proprietary General Comprehensive Operating System  ( GCOS's  ) which is a  family of operating systems oriented toward mainframe computers. Supporting GCOS systems and Escala AIX UNIX and Express 5800 servers. call us on +353 66 97627 02 to discuss your Bull maintenance requirements. Keywords for Bull hardware maintenance products are: Escala and Express 5800. Maintenance can be extended far beyond Bull end-of-life.

  • Cisco maintenance

For many years Powersearchireland have been an alternative Cisco maintenance provider. With large savings and numerous references we can deliver Cisco networking maintenance for Catalyst switches, routers and other Cisco products.  We offer key Cisco hardware maintenance products include: Catalyst, switches and routers. Extended support available after Cisco end-of-life including power supplies, cables, memory, motherboards and other Cisco peripherals.

  • NetApp maintenance

Recently Powersearchireland have begun to offer  NetApp maintenance services. We can deliver NetApp storage maintenance for FAS Filer Heads and other NetApp products. 

  • Server maintenance

Powersearchireland has been a leader in server maintenance since 1999 and our  aim and wish is to support your servers for the whole of their useful life. Powersearchireland prides itself of providing the very best service with a personal touch. Powersearchireland's server maintenance clientele is vast and includes well-known companies and government agencies.

Our contact details

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Telephone: +353 86 803 5464
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