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Equipment Disposal, Sale and Recycling

In Ireland and the UK we offer waste management and energy recovery services.

Do you have surplus IT hardware that you are looking to dispose of? We  can  enter a  partnership  arrangement to recycle  or remarket  your  equipment on an  equal  sharing basis. Please  contact  us  or  fill in your inquiry   through the  email button on this page .

We  hate  waste. It  seems a shame to just throw away equipment that  has  outlived  your  purposes  but  would be  perfect  for  other company's  requirements.   We offer  two services in this area including disposal and  remarketing

Depending on the age and value of your hardware we can buy it from you, sell it on your behalf or recycle it through our maintenance operation. Other customers need to keep older equipment going so we are always on the look out for unwanted server, storage and networking hardware - no matter how old. - Recycling - Data destruction - HP, Dell, IBM, Sun, Bull, EMC, Nortel, Cisco, Symbol and other brands - Ethical disposal

Call us on +353 6697 62702 or email your requirements to 

Disposals Services with certification
Imacs Ltd is now able to offer a disposal service for all end-of-life computer equipment worldwide. We are also able to offer the following servives

•  All types of electrical and electronic waste recycling
•  Cathode ray tube (CRT’s from monitors and televisions) recycling
•  All levels of electronic scrap brokerage
•  Secure data destruction
•  Complete battery recycling solutions
•  Fluorescent tube recycling
•  Printer/toner cartridge recycling
•  The company provides environmental responsible solutions, which are both professional and confidential with full compliance with all regulations

Call us for a quote if you have several computer systems to dispose of.
We collect in most parts of Ireland oor Europe  or can arrange for collection . We sort equipment you have, where we also offer a remarketing service (will sell the equipment on your behalf) if the equipment still has a market value.

Destruction certificates are provided from our recycling centre where equipment is shredded and dismantled in an environmentally friendly fashion under (WEEE) directives ( Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) (WEEE) seeks to recover and collect.


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