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Run your Sun Equipment for Less

We  help  our  customers and their organisations to get better value from their IT budgets. We  can  do this several ways. See more  Sun groups  supported

Imacs Ltd  and our supplier channel routes  have been  supporting Sun Microsystems products  since  2000  to  include  server products  and workstations built on their own RISC-based SPARC processor architecture as well as on x86 based AMD's Opteron and Intel's Xeon processors; storage systems; and a suite of software products including the Solaris operating system, developer tools,


Imacs supports the Sun StorEdge products which maximize performance and availability for workgroup applications and offer a flexible, cost-effective approach for growing storage demands. This means you can easily expand and customize as needed, getting the most from your storage investment.

Sun StorageTek 2510 Array
Sun StorageTek 2530 Array
Sun StorageTek 2540 Array
Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array
Sun Flash F20 PCIe Card    
Sun StorEdge 6180 Array
Sun StorEdge 6580 Array
Sun StorEdge 6780 Array

Midrange Disk Storage
We  support Sun StorEdge Solutions and can offer support to a wide range of flexible,
scalable storage systems for midrange environments.
The systems are optimized for Sun's leading end-to-end IT infrastructure,
delivering tight integration with the Solaris Operating Environment but all other major Operating Systems are also supported.

Unified Storage Systems
Imacs also supports Sun Storage which offer  open storage appliances, and get greater ease of use,real-time diagnostics and tuning, massive scalability, and breakthrough economics.

Sun Storage 7110
Sun Storage 7310
Sun Storage 7410

Sun ZFS Storage 7120
Sun ZFS Storage 7320
Sun ZFS Storage 7420
Sun ZFS Storage 7720
Tape Backup and Restore
Protecting mission-critical data is an important element of building a data continuance environment. Sun can help you build effective backup, archive, and disaster recovery solutions with high-quality.
Sun StorEdge data protection products and customised.
StorageTek T10000 Tape Drive
StorageTek LTO Tape Drives
StorageTek T9840D Tape Drive

Sun StorageTek SL24
Sun StorageTek SL48
Sun StorageTek SL500
Sun StorageTek SL3000
Sun StorageTek SL8500

1) Reduce capital expenditure.
By extending the life of your servers, you can delay and reduce your expenditure. Our maintenance  contract and  supply  channels allow our  clients to extend the life of their  servers beyond the support offered by the manufacturer.  We  can  even offer server virtualization services where server applicartion can be offered through one  main server. This  inevitably reduces hardware  usuage and invariably  allows for  lower energy  expenditure..

2) Reduce operating costs.
Allow  us  to provide outsourcing  support. use  our services and  you  can  reduce  your  hardware  expenditure  by  25-35%.  Our systems administration both  online and call out allows you savings to  use  on  other projects. Consider  us in times  of holidays and employee sickness / leave

3) Environmental savings.
Keeping  older  servers  functioning over  longer  periods means a favourable environmental  impact.