Networking - 3Com

Written by Aidan Gillespie on . Posted in Maintenance

Industrial complexes, defence establishments, transport systems, power plants and other large installations are built to last for decades and a lot of time and money is invested in safety and process control systems.


Although  3Com  no  longer  exists as  a  company  as  it  has  been  absorbed  in to the  HP brand the  comonay  did  provide  network interface controllers and switches, routers,
wireless access points and controllers, IP voice systems, and intrusion prevention systems.

These items  were all  installed  at a  time  when the  company  was  operational and  so the  parts  and  the  technology is  still needed  by  various IT  infastructures.

Likewise with the 3Com's integration into HP and  formerly  as a joint  venture with
H3C Technologies Co.part of the Huawei Technologies — 3Com achieved a leading market presence in China. It  is  important  that Imacs  is able to provide  parts and  spares to this  once well established brand

Imacs  is also  able to  maintain  H3C, and TippingPoint  brands If you have any systems that you want to extend the life of, call us on +353 66 9762702