Local and Gov Sectors

Written by Aidan Gillespie on . Posted in Sidebar

Hospitals, governmental business creation offices along with The Marine Institute and universities are  just  some of our clients.

Imacs and Powersearchireland has  been  supplying equipment to  government agenciies, and  departments including  the  HSE , An Garda  Siochana  and  universities. We  have  been  selling  directly  and  we  will  often  ship  on behalf  of  other  maintenance  companies. Since 2001 we  have been offering hardware  sales, maintenance  contracts and IT  recycling.

We offer flexibility and can  ensure  confidentiality  in sensitive work environments.

As  budgets are  constantly under strains we  can offer outsdourcing  skills where our  skills allow our clients to  save. Rather  than having permanent  employees on site  our  outsourcing expertise allow departments to  reduce their  manpower  costs . 


Often equipment at  regional and  central  departments are  quite  legacy and e  take  pride in being  able to  source and  have a  a large stock of  parts on site  or availabke within short time frames.

We offer flexible SLAs and our  staff  have a wide range of expertise to provide quality and service to the public institutions.