Hospitality Sector

Written by Aidan Gillespie on .

Imacs  offers EPOS solutions  to the Irish hospitality industry  where our services are  offered  to  the  hospitality  sectors  including Hotels, Golf, Bar and Restaurants   among  others. We offer  intergrated  solutions  for the hotel and leisure industry in Ireland   where we  can develop bespoke products which  are  suitable for  each  client rather  than using standard non customized software that have  no  over all   benefit.

We offer  applications   that businesses  need   where our systems put  in place management  tools to  help  with on line bookings, point of sale and  stock  control where  reports  can be  run  to determine  financial and  marketing criteria for  current and future  events

We  can  help  with Membership  and Tracking, Member Bookings and Stock Control, 

Our software  is  modular and  consequently  we  can add to  your  expanding  services. As IT  consultants we  have the knowledge  and strengths  to  help with your  current  and expanding  demands