About us

International Marketing and Computer Surplus Ltd ( Imacs ) has been in business since 1999. The  company originally wished to sell IT  product  to maintenance  companies only but soon  discovered  that business depends  on selling to  all avenues  including  Brokers, Distributors OEMs, Large  Businesses and Smaller End  Users alike.

We offer the same levels  of  services to all of  our  customers. Big and small alike  by offering a  broad  range of products and  services.  Imacs and  our  website Powersearchireland have  become a very  strong  online entity where we now  offer the  following products and services to  our  large  range of clients:
We are and independent distributor  of IT parts for new and  legacy parts.
Distributors of telephony parts from  major  distributors namely  Alcatel, Lucent Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola,